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Small Planet Supply specializes in providing high-performing building materials and mechanical systems for energy-efficient projects.


Tumwater, WA

Albert Rooks

CEO - Small Planet Supply


Small Planet Supply is a company dedicated to the supply, education, and training in the use of energy-efficient building materials and practices. We  are passionate champions of the concept that humans can build buildings  to live in, while caring for and restoring the environment.  We think that it's possible to build both classic and modern high performance buildings with non toxic, low embodied energy building materials that are safe to source, and safe to use to create comfortable Low Energy Buildings.

Small Planet Supply opened in late 2009 in Olympia, Washington to support the growing interest in high performance building envelope construction found in Passivhaus & Zero Energy Buildings. The "Workshop" part of the name was chosen to reflect the our early role as a place to think about and find solutions to the sourcing and application problems of super-insulated and air tight assemblies that would be the backbone of North American Passivhaus development.  

At Small Planet Supply we believe that innovation is a team sport.  Stocking the most energy-efficient building supplies isn’t helpful if our customers don’t know how to use them.  That’s why we offer workshops  about the materials and mechanical systems we sell. Small Planet’s Workshops help us all move forward in understanding new tools and ideas

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Small Planet Supply believes that there doesn't need to be a choice between building beautiful structures and saving the environment.  Our sole mission is to provide products to create energy-efficient, high-performance homes that people will love to live in.  With over 10 years in providing materials and systems for the Passive House and other high-performance buildings, we have the products and know-how for your project.