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High Performance Windows and Doors, Woodbridge, Ontario


We are a team of engineers, manufacturing operators, energy transfer specialists, and architects with a devotion for producing and manufacturing the highest quality windows.

During our design process, we think beyond just making a beautiful product. We think about climage change, environmental sustainability, and the ethics of a durable, well-crafted product. The long term costs of continuing to make and install low quality products is too high for our cities, our country, and our world.

We utilize the latest software, equipment, technology, and management techniques in order to create the highest quality windows that are a benefit to the environment, your home, and your wallet. With our windows, you can rest easy that you have saved time, money, and energy. For the finest windows available, look no further than Sunlet.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Our German profile materials are produced for minimal environmental impact and long life with minimal waste.

Our windows and doors can be specified triple glazed and contribute to significant energy saving.

Short delivery time, Reasonable pricing, High quality, Free Installation and Excellent Services are our advertisement 

Proudly Canadian