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All our sustainable wood panel products can help you achieve points for LEED and other certifications.



  • Redefining Wood


  • Promoting an industry-leading safety culture
  • Reaching operational excellence in terms of quality, cost and reliability through technology and know-how
  • Setting the standard in innovation of our products
  • Leading the industry in sustainable development
  • Providing an outstanding customer experience
  • Outperforming the industry in growth


  •     Health and Safety

Protecting our employees through robust health and safety policies and practices is essential to our operations. A clean, healthy and safe work environment leads to strong safety records which is good for our employees and good for our business.

  •     Customer Experience

Being responsive, committed and dedicated coupled with creating customer value through innovative technologies, superior quality and outstanding service is the driving force behind our customer experience.

  •     Innovation

Innovation is about finding creative solutions that make a difference and inspire us to always stay one step ahead.

  •     Respect

Respect occupies a central place at Uniboard. It means, in our view, consideration for our employees. Respect in everyday life translates into respectful interpersonal relationships and protection of the integrity of each worker. We want to promote the development of each individual by providing them with a pleasant and favourable work environment.

  •     Empowerment

We support an entrepreneurial work environment that allows employees to maximize their contributions and achieve their professional goals. We respect and value collaboration and  teamwork to realize  opportunities that drive performance towards company objectives.

  •     Discipline

Our business strategy is driven by a clear set of goals and action plans which are both vigorously and consciously acted upon. Responsibility, cost control and continuous improvements are at the center of our operating philosophy.

  •     Environmental Stewardship

Our environmental policy is based on the sustainable use of natural resources and has been implemented with the health and well-being of our employees, customers and community in mind.  Our environmental auditing program, product certifications and world class leadership in the development of green products are hallmarks of our stewardship program. 

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Respect for the environment underlines Uniboard's entire manufacturing process. Our environmental policy is based on the sustainable use of natural resources and was implemented with the health and well-being of our employees, customers and the community in mind.

Our environmental audit program helps us stay abreast of changing rules and regulations while identifying potential risks in our operations. Long before environmental concerns became mainstream, Uniboard was in the forefront by recycling post-industrial wood waste otherwise destined to be burnt or sent to land fill.

Today, we continue to ensure the proper use of wood fiber waste into value-added and environmental friendly products. Uniboard recuperates and reuses post-industrial and urban wood waste to reduce wood fiber consumption and land filling.

In partnership with our customers, Uniboard developed lighter products with outstanding physical properties that reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce CO2 emissions in production and transport. Concerning urea formaldehyde, Uniboard constantly strives to reduce emissions from its products and meet and exceed voluntary industry standards. All our NU Green products meet CARB Phase 2 and TSCA TITLE VI emissions standards, the most stringent environmental guidelines in North America. In fact, our NU Green portfolio goes above and beyond CARB 2 and TSCA TITLE VI standards as our NU Green products are also offered in NAF and ULEF options. NU Green products help builders achieve LEED certification, the most recognized program to promote ''Green'' buildings.

All Uniboard mills are ECC certified (Eco-Certified Composite by the Composite Panel Association (CPA)). In addition to meeting the emissions requirements imposed by Carb Phase 2 and TSCA TITLE VI, our Mont-Laurier, Val-d'Or and Sayabec mills have exceeded the assessment criteria for the carbon footprint, responsible wood sourcing, the sustainable use of wood fibers, and the use of recycled/recovered fibers and local resources.