Zehnder America

Zehnder America Inc. provides high-quality ventilation solutions to promote comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living.


Zehnder America provides whole house ventilation with heat recovery for a comfortable indoor climate while providing a constant supply of fresh air into indoor spaces. Fresh air is fed into the system via an external wall vent. An optional geothermal heat exchanger uses geothermal energy to pre-temper outside air before it enters the system. The heat recovery ventilation device recovers up to 90% of the energy of the extract air to warm the incoming fresh air, saving on heating costs. The air distribution system then channels the optimally tempered fresh air to individual rooms as needed. The air volume can be adjusted individually for each room. This "whole house" approach to the air distribution ensures fresh, filtered air will reach living spaces to create a comfortable, healthy indoor climate.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Most ventilation systems drive up heating and cooling costs while decreasing indoor comfort. Much like venting a room by opening a window, ventilation systems can degrade energy performance because they exhaust air without capturing the heat. Because exhaust fans need makeup air to operate properly, they pull in unconditioned air through gaps and cracks in the building exterior, creating drafts. This has a huge impact on both comfort and energy costs! HRV and ERV systems conserve energy, lowering utility bills. The heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the incoming air via a heat exchanger. Zehnder heat recovery ventilators are up to 95% efficient, saving energy. This also helps reduce the size of the HVAC equipment needed because it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat and cool when the intake air is conditioned by the HRV unit. Almost all of our units are Passive House Certified, some are HVI Certified.