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Airfoam are manufacturers of sustainable & budget-friendly rigid foam building insulation panels, geofoam, flotation & other EPS product solutions.


Airfoam EPS Rigid Foam Insulation Panels are building envelope insulation products at the highest R-Value per dollar over other foam insulation products. Resilient EPS resists moisture and is ideal for continuous insulation (c.i.) applications with low environmental impacts and stable R-Values. Most Airfoam insulation products are available in various thicknesses & strengths to meet any project requirements - from underslab to the roof.

Airfoam offers a wide range of high-performance EPS roof insulation products for new and re-roofing needs. EPS insulation retains its original R-Value over the long life of buildings while many other foam materials only get 80-90% of original R-Value because the greenhouse gases they use diffuse over time. Airfoam Roof Insulation offers the ultimate in long-term energy efficiency for your roof assembly systems.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Airfoam are ISO 14001 certified - An integral part of the European Union's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

EPS uses pentanes as the blowing agent which get replaced by air, mostly during manufacture and completely a number of weeks or months later depending on product thickness. Aged EPS is about 98% air with no off-gassing and has always been free of formaldehyde and CFC, HCFC & HFC gases.