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Gabion Supply is one of the few American Owned and Managed suppliers of heavy duty gabion cages and baskets, Gabion reno mattresses, Gabion rock fences and GEO-Textile products

About was started in 2012 and since January 2018 is now part of BlueStone Supply LLC.

We are suppliers of high quality, heavy duty American made gabion cages and gabion baskets, geo materials and construction equipment to a wide range of customers including: State DOT Agencies, Cities,  US Forest Service, Contractors, Builders, Landscape Designers & Architects, Excavators, Farmers, Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) and more.

Gabion Supply are now the exclusive U.S. supplier of DURA-WELDTM, DURA-FLEXTM and DURA-GUARDTM Gabion cages ... all Made in America.

In addition ... we offer the widest variety of standard and custom sizes, various wire gauges and finishes of gabion cages and baskets on the internet.

  • Gabion walls are suitable for all types of terrain; 
  • They do not require any special maintenance; 
  • Offer good acoustic performance (for use as a soundproofing wall, it is best to use porous stones);
  • Built walls are flexible (they can shift without breaking or cracking; excellent for earthquake areas); 
  • Quick to install;
  • Do not require masonry; 
  • The cavities will have voids of 25 to 35% that can be filled with soil to encourage plant growth and act as a berm for flood protection; 
  • Their appearance can vary depending on the color and consistency of the stones chosen.

Gabions, from the Italian word for cage, are strong containers filled with inorganic materials like rock, concrete, sand and soil and in certain architectural applications glass rock. These cages or baskets are constructed of site specific material including galvanized steel, stainless steel, raw steel, PVC coated steel, and copolymer plastic. They are designed to withstand all kinds of weather and site conditions and are known for their incredible versatility.

Gabions are very useful in civil engineering, military applications, road building, general landscaping elements, foundations, erosion control, and architectural elements. Some of the fastest growing applications of gabion cages include architectural fence and veneer construction and for stabilizing shorelines against erosion since they form flexible and permeable structures.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

  • Gabion walls can be built with minimal if any concrete - lowering the carbon footprint of masonry walls
  • Gabion cages allow free flow of surface water without leaching chemicals into streams and rivers