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Americana is our portfolio of thermally modified hardwoods, manufactured completely in-house.


We are in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, a region recognized worldwide for the most desirable variety, color, and texture of its hardwoods. With that being said because we're local, we don't have to transport the wood over the ocean. Drive through or fly over Pennsylvania. Take a look. You will see vast expanses of hardwood trees that almost twice out-grow the harvest every year. This is no slash-and-burn tropical rainforest. This is the very picture of health, vitality, sustainability, and beauty.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

The Americana Hardwoods are Sustainably Forested and we offer FSC certified wood. Americana hardwoods are thermally modified to withstand outdoor climates and weather. The only ingredients used to modify the wood for outdoor use are heat, steam and time. No chemicals are involded.