Prato-Verde, Natural Wood Finishing Oils

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Canadian manufacturers of sustainable wood finishing oils for protecting natural wood floors, counter tops and furniture

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Since 2002 Tembi Products have been constantly innovating on designing, transforming and distributing high quality natural wood finishing products in Quebec, Ontario and throughout Canada, and seeking out sustainable and green wood finishing products with a smaller impact on the users environment and health.

In 2004 Tembi Products, a small Canadian family business, designed and launched the Prato-Verde natural wood finishing oils, inspired from Italian tradition.

Prato-Verde wood finishing oils have been designed to fill an increasing demand in terms of safer, high quality, and easy to use wood finishing products. Made from 100% natural oils and resins, free from synthetic resins.

Although a large part of the components in our wood finishing oils, such as natural resins extracted from vegetable oils and iron oxides nano-particles, are imported from Italy, the final blending and manufacturing process is completed in our production plant in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec.

Tembi and Prato-Verde products bring out the natural beauty of wood, finishing, protecting and enhancing in an environmentally conscious way.

Made from a blend of the highest quality vegetable oils such as Tung, linseed and safflower, Prato-Verde oils come from traditional wood oils that have received praise and trust from woodworkers and cabinet makers around the world for generations.

Colored with the richest pigments extracted from the finest European soils, Prato-Verde oils offer beautiful, unique colors for wood treatment.

Easy to use, Prato-Verde oils protect and enhance wood in two simple steps: Spread and wipe.

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Specializing in safer and high quality wood finishing products and wood finishing oils for minimum environmental impact and to maintain healthy internal air quality ( IAQ ) of homes