Radon Works

Canada Radon Barriers Specialists for Exposed Soil & Crawlspaces


What we do is called sub slab depressurization; it is the standard for a guaranteed reduction in Radon and any other soil gas contamination or infiltration into a building. Radon Works only installs the best quality systems for the geographical location of the building. If you live in a sub zero climates, the heart of your system (the fan) will be located in the basement or heated part of the lowest floor. We use nothing but schedule 40 PVC pipe with chemically welded joints on our entire discharge pipe. All standard code compliant homes, with a 100% poured concrete floor also receive the same baseball bat proof pipe.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Radon Works sets the standard for Radon and other soil gas membrane applications.

  • Fire Rated – Ripstop Radon Membranes
  • No Voc Caulkings And Sealants
  • Lifetime Guarantee

For exposed soil-rock in basements or crawlspaces, a cross strand Radon membrane is installed and bonded to the perimeter walls or foundation.