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Manufacturers of suspended-film insulating glass sealed units for high-performance windows


LiteZone Glass Inc. manufactures LiteZone®, a next generation, award winning, ultra energy efficient insulating glass unit that makes possible the world’s most energy efficient and longest lasting windows. LiteZone® insulating glass is available for sale to home owners, commercial building owners, builders, renovators, glazing contractors, as well as window and curtain wall manufacturers, and to anyone else wishing to purchase truly high performance and long lasting insulating glass.

The Canada Green Building Council awarded the company its 2016 Green Building Product of the Year Award.

LiteZone® glass units that are configured to fit into standard triple pane frames will have the following advantages:

  • Achieves about the same performance as the highest  performing triple pane glass units;
  • Cost competitive because of the low cost of low-e coated films compared to the cost of low-e coated glass;
  • ​Weighs about 33% less to make handling easier;
  • Has 3 times the expected life of triple pane;
  • Has no concerns of loss of performance because of escaping argon gas fill.

 LiteZone® is a Canadian innovation using proprietary technology protected by international patents. ​

Sustainability & ESG Rating

​LiteZone® achieves the highest window insulating values.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency Windows using LiteZone® achieve insulating values up to 2.5 times greater than triple pane windows.

  • Up to R17.0, U=0.0588, for a window including both the glass and frame, and R19.6, U=0.0510, for the centre of glass (NFRC method).
  • Thicker insulating glass units (IGUs) allow large thermal breaks necessary for high window insulating values.
  • Customizable to desired thickness, performance and budgets.​​

Extreme Longevity The expected life of LiteZone® glass units is more than 60 years; about 3 times the average life of triple pane units and similar to the life of a building.  A longer life span equates to less material waste.

Superior Human Comfort The inside surface temperatures of windows using LiteZone® will remain near room temperature to help ensure living spaces are always comfortable regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Warmer surfaces on exterior walls leads to increased human comfort at lower air temperatures, leading to reduced energy consumption.