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Manufacturer of clean-burning wood stoves and fireplaces to new NSPS standards


As of 2015, the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for New Residential Wood Heaters requires that units must be certified to discharge particulate matter within an average of 4.5 g/hr. The EPA’s new single burn rate stove category created an opportunity for RSF’s engineers to design a stove that would operate continuously in a “sweet spot” which produces both minimal emissions and a visually striking fire. RSF’s exclusive bimetallic air damper constantly regulates combustion air supply to keep the stove burning in the optimal range with no low and/or high burns to increase the emissions.

With the first fully automatic fireplace air damper, you’ll have nothing to adjust other than the size of your wood load. Winner of the Hearth & Home 2016 Vesta Award, the Delta Fusion is the newest member of the RSF fireplace family.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

The cleanest fires are achieved with lots of secondary combustion which is when the fire is most visually appealing.

RSFs bimetallic air damper continuously regulates combustion supply and can heats upward of 3,000 square feet. RSF wood stoves are EPA certified to burn as clean as 1.3 grams per hour.