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Hydraloop graywater recycling systems


Every day we use water and it is a vital condition of life. However, increasingly there is less fresh water available on our earth. Water is becoming our ‘Blue Gold’. 

Decentralized recycling & reusing of water is the most effective and economical alternative source of water. By recycling 'at the source’ and using water twice, we can substantially curb the increasing demand in fresh water.

That is why Hydraloop developed the first of its kind, compact, next generation, smart, self cleaning, low maintenance water recycle products. The unique and patentend game changing water treatment technology  ensures clean, clear and safe water to reuse again. With Hydraloop’s turn key products you can continue ‘life as usual’, without exhausting our earth's resources.

Hydraloop smart home solutions are essential for eco-living and offer sustainable living without compromise on quality of live. Hydraloop solutions for buildings, lodges and hotels offer circular and sustainable operation of your business, adding value to property and contributing towards certification.

At Hydraloop we have a vision that in 20 years’ time no building will be built without its own graywater recycling system. We believe water recycling should become a standard item in every single home and building, just like climate controle, solar panels or a heat pump...

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Hydraloop gray water recovery systems reduce water consumption at home by filtering and cleaning gray water from baths, showers and faucets to be used for laundry, flushing toilets and irrigation. 

Hydraloop gray water recovery systems also contribute to energy savings by conserving and redistributing pre-warmed water to toilets and washing machines, contributing significant energy savings in cold climate zones.