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ProductAir - Manufacturer of ductless ERVs


Ductless Energy Recovery Ventilators from Productair offer better indoor air quality and improved health for occupants. Installation is easy with no need to install intricate ducting systems. Our Energy Recovery Ventilators have very low-operational noise levels, quick and easy installation, and they are a perfect solution for providing energy recovery and fresh air for existing buildings.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Health of occupants: By installing a sufficient amount of units for a specific  building, the proper amount of fresh indoor air can be provided to safeguard indoor air quality for occupants. 

Maintenance: beyond cleaning filters, no maintenance is required.

Energy efficiency: the power consumption of fans is very low, and can equate to a  cost of approximately $5 to $15 per year, depending on home size and regional utility rates. Its sober efficiency. The system has a high heat recovery efficiency which is not as dependent on the quality of installation as for central systems with ducts.