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Decentralized ductless heat recovery ventilation system


Lunos is a traditional Berlin company which has enjoyed an outstanding international reputation for 60 years as a manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient ventilation systems. Engineers at LUNOS work continuously on the development of new devices for efficient application in the home or buildings similar to home environments. LUNOS has not only asserted itself as market leader for energy-efficient ventilation systems, but also as a reliable partner whose customers are convinced of the quality and long service life of our products.

LUNOS operates 12 agencies in Germany and 35 general agencies all over the world ensuring not only domestic but also international competence in all fields of ventilation.

The quality of products and satisfaction of our customers are of utmost priority for LUNOS.

The core competences of LUNOS include regulated ventilation of the home with and without heat recovery as well as the development and production of energy-efficient fans and outside wall ducts. In addition, LUNOS develops all pertinent components as well as many other products such as waste air fans and facade ventilation systems with concealed ventilation ducts.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

High-efficiency heat recovery ventilation

Ductless decentralized system means less materials required to distribute fresh air