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Sketch Nanotechnologies provides high performance clear coatings that optimizes window efficiency. Our technology generates clear comfort while reducing energy overuse. We are an ecological option to replacing windows.


It's Time for Clear Comfort

Sketch Nanotechnologies renders high performance products accessible, allowing you to lower your energy spend while protecting and preserving the environment. Our innovative products aim to achieve rational energy use, through sustainable development and eliminating unnecessary use of energy.

Today’s new technological breakthroughs allow us to be more efficient when it comes to using energy intelligently. At Sketch Nanotechnologies, we believe, our revolutionary solutions can make a real and noticeable difference.

Benefits of our thermal barrier nano-coating:

  • An ecological alternative to window replacement 
  • Insulates your windows - the greatest thermal weakness of your building’s envelope;
  • Improves your comfort of your space all year long;
  • Saves on your energy bill, reducing heating loss and your air conditioning needs;
  • Blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays;
  • Blocks up to 85% of the Infrared rays;
  • Allows for a maximum of natural light penetration;
  • 20-year durability;
  • Transforms your existing windowpanes into energy efficient ones.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

SketchNanoGard is a nano-coating which creates a thermal barrier on your windows. It’s a simple and efficient solution to improve your comfort while providing energy savings and maximum protection.

A highly efficient indoor application process which is more cost effective and much less disruptive than replacing windows. An environmentally smart choice, allowing you to save year after year.

Sketch Nanotechnologies’ products allow you to increase energy efficiency, while being ideal in a global strategy of renewable energy.