Cascadia Windows and Doors

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Cascadia manufacturers high performance building products to reduce energy consumption in buildings


Cascadia's Mission: To lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design.

Cascadia manufactures fiberglass windows, doors and fiberglass cladding support systems, with uncompromising quality and physical performance.

Why Fiberglass?

  • Cascadia's fiberglass is almost 10 times stronger than vinyl/PVC and has a similar strength to aluminum.
  • Fiberglass frames and cladding support systems are resource-efficient as well as energy efficient.
  • Fiberglass provides low levels of conductivity without the need for thermal breaks. 
  • Fiberglass provides excellent condensation resistance.
  • The thermal movement coefficient for fiberglass is very similar to glass (because it's made from glass), and to other traditional building materials.

Ecological principles

Located near Vancouver, BC, Cascadia innovate, commercialize and produce fiberglass products to reduce energy consumption in buildings more than ever before.