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Climatizer Insulation - Cellulose fibre insulation and specialty fibre manufacturer


Since 1977, CLIMATIZER is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of cellulose fibre-based construction and infrastructure products and additives. Family-owned and founded on core values of customer service, quality management, innovation and continual improvement, Serving mainly Ontario and Eastern Canada, Climatizer is committed to delivering our customers premium product at competitive pricing, time and time again. 

Our materials are produced by manufacturing processes supported with a quality management system certified to meet requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

“Being environmentally sustainable isn’t just a claim, it’s a commitment.”

Manufactured from as much as 85-100% recycled content, claiming to be “Environmentally-friendly”, as it was termed in the 1980’s and 90’s, has always been a tremendous advantage for the use of cellulose-based fibre products like cellulose insulation and cellulose additives for hydroseeding mulch and Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA). Today, as much of the world begins to acknowledge the environmental impact of certain manufacturing processes and reconsiders the life-cycle of products emerging in the marketplace, Climatizer remains committed to manufacturing ecologically responsible building products in increasingly sustainable ways. 

We consider ourselves to be the original “upcyclers”, contributing to principles of circular economics influencing modern environmental sustainability business models. Waste diversion, recycling, local sourcing, reducing equipment energy usage, carbon footprint reduction, net zero (carbon) home building, VOC emission reduction/elimination, minimizing “wastes” through lean manufacturing practices, are all ways in which we are committed to sustaining the communities and environment to which we belong.