Isofib Eco Construction Inc.

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Isofib – specialists in the distribution of ecological insulation products, solutions for airtight building envelopes and lime products


OUR MISSION One project at a time, we are helping to build a healthier and ultimately stronger world; both in terms of construction and society.

OUR DREAM To build a green future throughout Canada, through innovation and efficient building practices while respecting the planet.

OUR PASSION Meet and bring together all the players in a construction project and show them a new and ecological way of building.

OUR COMMITMENT Listening to the needs of our clients and finding solutions according to their budget and land constraints.


  • Demolish current preconceptions
  • Rethinking the world of construction
  • Reevaluate traditional materials for low ecological impact solutions
  • Innovating by offering healthy and efficient materials

Ecological principles

Isofib’s range of products including ecological insulations based on natural wood fibres or hemp, spraying machines for better performance, airtight membranes, lime products and more.