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Commercial and Residential Wastewater treatment solutions


Since 2000, DBO Expert has been providing its residential, commercial and institutional clients with wastewater treatment solutions that are cost-effective, eco-responsible, long-lasting and simple. Already being well-established in Quebec, DBO Expert is now present in France, Morocco, Peru and even more!


DBO Expert's mission is to distribute, sell and support wastewater treatment and sewage solutions that are simple, innovative, environmentally-friendly and adapted to the needs and capabilities of its customers.


Firmly based on knowledge, know-how and life skills, DBO Expert’s mission is to develop and promote technological approaches that are in line with sustainable development principles. Its main assets are its team’s expertise and fundamental values: honesty, responsibility, initiative, team-work and family.

Ecological principles

Established mainly in North America, Europe and the Maghreb, DBO Expert is also active in the Middle East and in South America. The company aims to reach the fundamental goal of convincing users that their domestic wastewater solutions must respect natural and ecological principles for the well-being of the planet. 

DBO Expert is proud to offer innovative products and passive technologies at little or no operational cost.