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Commercial and Residential Wastewater Treatment Solutions (Septic Systems) that don't need electric to operate


Since 2000, DBO Expert has provided wastewater treatment solutions to its residential, commercial and institutional clients.

DBO Expert's mission is to distribute, sell and support wastewater treatment and sewage solutions that are simple, innovative, environmentally-friendly and adapted to the needs and capabilities of its customers.

Its System O)) wastewater treatment solutions, with Advanced Enviro))Septic technology, are certified to Quebec, Canadian, American, French, Belgian and European standards, and are accepted and used in several countries around the world. 

DBO Expert is pleased to provide its clients with innovative products and passive technologies that are cost-effective in the short- and long-term, at little to no operational cost.

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and treats wastewater herself; it’s called self-purification.

But Mother Nature has her hands full. In the world, around 1.8 billion people drink water that is contaminated by fecal matter. Over 80% of the wastewater generated by human activity finds itself in the waterways and oceans without any treatment whatsoever.

Over 80% of wastewater produced by human activity is dumped in the waterways and oceans without any treatment, leading to pollution and potentially to water table contamination.

It is urgent to treat wastewater ecologically to preserve Nature's balance!