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Isolofoam Group - Investing in EPS solution research

Isolofoam Group invest in EPS solution research

Recognized for its innovative and responsible thermal insulation solutions, Isolofoam Group has been investing in expanded polystyrene product research and development for over 40 years. Plastic matter composition, moulding technologies, drying and cutting, as well as manufacturing processes are continually analyzed and perfected to offer insulation and sustainable packaging solutions that are the best in the business.

Recognized by the construction industry

Isolofoam Group is a recognized manufacturer that has made its mark through sustainable investments with the goal of simplifying insulation work by exploiting the intrinsic qualities of expanded polystyrene. Its experts offer construction and renovation specialists, dealers and consumers distinctive and efficient products that meet the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Isolofoam Group’s research and development activities are geared towards sustainable development. The majority of its products contain recycled material. Most of its expanded polystyrene thermal insulation products contribute toward LEED credits and meet the insulation requirements of energy efficiency programs such as Novoclimat, Energy Star, etc..

Experts in solutions 

The experts at Isolofoam Group carry out ongoing research into solutions for insulation, packaging and manufactured product components, inspired by the drive to meet your needs and simplify your projects. We’re motivated to develop lasting business relationships with both construction professionals and our dealers and consumers.

The experts at Isolofoam Group have a host of tools and resources available to offer you the support you need. We have everything you need to help make it easier to carry out your projects: sales training, promotional support, complete technical documentation and installation advice by video, phone or on our all-new blog.

Isolofoam Group is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. 

Now Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certified. 

Green Guard Certification for Isolofoam Insulation Products