High Performance Building Envelopes

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Registration fee:

$149 + tax

Purpose of this course:

To showcase advances in building science and the latest cold climate wall systems. Learn the fundamentals of how moisture, heat and air move through walls, and how to best manage these challenges in order to create more durable walls that will outperform and outlast traditionally built homes.

Intended audience:

Owner-builders, designers, architects and contractors. An understanding of basic constuction techniques is helpful.

Course outline:

  • The science: separating building envelope components
  • Why walls succeed or fail
  • The problems caused by building envelope failures
  • Physical factors affecting performance
  • Controlling moisture penetration through walls
  • Dispelling the myths surrounding air barriers and vapour barriers
  • Thermal barriers (insulation): materials, techniques and embodied energy
  • Drainage planes
  • Foundations: why they are a heat sink and mold factory
  • Exterior cladding: ensuring performance and durability
  • Different buildings for different climates: one size does not fit all
  • Net Zero Heat: the ultimate building envelope, heated only by the sun