Green home renovations: design for a healthy, energy efficient home enviroment

This one day workshop will leave you with an understanding of products and techniques that can help you design a more efficient, more durable and healthier new space.

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Purpose of this course:

To help builders and homeowners planning a renovation make informed decisions on design and construction. We make the basics of building science (heat loss, moisture transmission, etc) fun and easy to understand, leading to better application of products, and more efficient design.

Intended audience:

Homeowners, owner-builders, designers, contractors. No building experience is necessary, just a desire to learn the concepts of green building.

Course outline:

  • The principles of an eco-home: energy efficiency, resources, health
  • Magnitude of your project :evaluations and direction
  • Budget - How much and how to finance
  • Who will do the work?
  • Building plans and obtaining permits
  • Working with reclaimed materials
  • Flexible design: make future changes easier
  • Your building as a system: preventing heat loss, humidity damage and air leaks
  • Designing for passive solar heat gain and retention
  • Major projects: Additions, basements, attics, garage conversions, exteriors
  • Insulation and air leakage
  • Doors and windows: materials, glazing, proper installation
  • Heating and ventilation
  • kitchens- Function,  design, healthy air quality
  • Durable Bathrooms : material choices, fixtures and design
  • Exterior spaces: decks