Our services

Web learning: Our online building guide is free to use and provides a step by step guide through the entire building process to provide homeowners and builders with the necessary information to create healthier, more efficient and durable homes.

Energy Modelling: Ecohome provides energy modelling simulations of home designs to project their estimated levels of energy consumption in advance of  breaking ground, so that problem areas can be corrected and performance optimized.


This service is part of our Passive Solar Index (PSI) program and is based on the original German Passivhaus concept. Modelling is done using PHPP software (Passive House Planning Package).


Consulting: For renovations or new home starts, we can help guide you through your own building project, or help you ensure that through a general contractor you get a home with the performance and durability you hope for. This service is offered online, or on-site in the National Capital Region.


School programs: We have modules geared towards carpentry and architecture faculties to help upgrade curriculums, as well as modules directed at students of all levels. 

Courses will be adapted to meet the needs of individual schools, to compliment and blend with existing program content. Teaching materials from the course taught will be made available to teachers for inclusion in their programs.