Prefabricated Passive House Building Envelopes


Prefabricated Passive House Building Envelopes

91 Henry Street, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada, L2R 5V6

Ecological criteria

Contributes to energy efficiency
Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
Derived from natural materials
Long lifespan
Limited impact on the natural environment

Pinwheel Builds

We are an online building supply store and solutions provider for passive house and other high performance buildings. We sell Canada wide, our warehouse is located in Virgil (Niagara on the Lake), Ontario, Canada.

Pinwheel was started in 2013 by Hans Eich, a Certified Passive House Consultant and Construction Project Manager. Since then we have grown to become a top solutions provider for the prefab wood construction industry.

Pinwheel Structures

We build healthy, livable spaces, Prefabricated Passive House building envelopes.

Indoor air quality is key for healthy living. Our choice of construction materials and methods actively contributes to your healthy lifestyle

High levels of insulation lead to very even temperature distribution, no drafts in the winter and protecting you from summer heat

Thorough planning and precision made building components, combined with careful assembly result in a long lasting building

Both companies founded by Hans Eich, fuelled by passion for healthy living and the desire to protect the environment... and caffein. 

If you have any specific questions about products, or specific ways to use them, or just want to chat about building styles and construction methods,