The OrbSys is possibly the most energy efficent shower in history. We like it.

Not only will this cutting edge technology reduce energy usage by 80%, it will reduce your water consumption to almost nothing.

OrbSys grey water recycling high efficiency shower
OrbSys grey water recycling high efficiency shower @

The OrbSys is a closed loop shower system that reclaims the water draining at your feet, purifies it to drinking quality and then recycles that water back into your shower stream. According to designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, a 10 minute shower uses only five litres of water (1.3 gallons) compared to the 150 liters (40 gallons) one could expect to use with a normal shower.

Because the water stays fairly warm though the purification process and needs very little re-heating, the OrbSys system doesn't just cut water waste to almost nothing, it also drastically cuts energy consumption. The company who is developing the product, Orbital Systems, estimates a San Francisco family taking two 10 minute showers a day could save $731.72 annually.

The OrbSys super efficient shower system




This is just the kind of forward thinking technology we need to see more of in the world.

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