Open House Exhibits the Latest and Best in Sustainable Building Technologies

Since April of 2012, the students and faculty of The Endeavour Centre have been working on creating a home that showcases the best in sustainable new construction. Join them on March 9th to check out their success and admire the green building possibilities.

Taking the Living Building Challenge in Peterborough
Taking the Living Building Challenge in Peterborough © The Endeavour Centre

The Endeavour Centre, a not-for-profit sustainable building school, was in a unique position to design and build a home to uncompromising environmental standards. They did just that, and involved their students in the creation of one of the greenest homes in North America.

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To add to the challenge, they decided to prioritize techniques that were accessible to everyday builders, creating a home that could be reproduced at a competitive market price. Privately funded with no government grants or R&D monies, the intention is to sell this home proving its value as a trendsetter in the world of residential green building.

Every aspect of the home was designed, sourced and built to meet rigorous environmental standards with features that include:

  • Urban infill siting
  • Regionally and ethically sourced renewable building materials
  • Prefabricated straw bale wall panels
  • Net zero energy use, featuring photovoltaic electricity and solar hot water
  • Home energy monitoring and programmable dashboard
  • Zero emissions Air Source Heat Pump for heating and cooling
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system
  • Full rainwater harvesting and treatment
  • Complete composting toilet system
  • All non-toxic materials and finishes
  • Passive solar design and triple glazed windows
  • Barrier free main floor design

On March 9th, staff and students of The Endeavour Centre invite you to come take a tour. Meet the designers and builders, take photos and take away fact sheets that detail all the aspects of the home.

With a fraction of the environmental impact of a conventional home, this house is affordable, buildable, comfortable, and healthy for future occupants. Hats off to Chris Magwood and all the folks involved in bringing this home to life!

Open House: March 9th, 2013 10am - 4pm, 136½ James Street, Peterborough, Ontario.

Photos and details of the construction process can be found on their blog. For more information, please contact Chris Magwood at or 705-957-3282.