Elon Musk plans to bring Tesla into Solar home battery market

With Tesla on the scene will some of the longstanding hurdles of solar home battery systems be overcome?

New Tesla battery for houses
Via Tesla

It's true that one of the biggest drawbacks for storing power from residential solar arrays is the cost and typical lifespan of batteries. For that reason, a give and take relationship with the power grid can be pretty handy, but that still leaves you somewhat vulnerable to power outages, especially if they happen in the wee hours or last for extended periods of time.

So while there are endless reasons to have your own renewable power source, without a battery system to store power, you still lack the resilience and autonomy that seems oh so close when you have solar panels on your roof. 

For this reason, there is understandable excitement around the announcement from Elon Musk that Tesla will begin manufacturing home battery systems. A new player in any industry can offer that market a boost, especially when that new player is an innovative company like Tesla, with grand ambitions and a reputation for delivering.

The battery will use the lithium-ion technology that Tesla has spent years perfecting for the electric car market. Something like this could be a game changer in the energy industry.

Though we cannot yet vouch for what will come from Tesla entering the residential solar power market, given what Elon Musk has done for the electric car industry, it's likely very good news for those living off grid or planning to do so. 

Storing power really is the Achilles heel of the residential solar industry, as the current power storage technology is not something you could really call 'green'. The lifespan of units isn't very long, they are very expensive and the raw material extraction has a sizable eco-footprint. Let's hope some of that will change now that we have Tesla on scene.

See Elon Musk make this promising announcement below.