Another stellar tiny house design

Great living in small spaces -The Tiny House Movement seems to be very much alive in Austria.

The Ufogel tiny house in Austria
The Ufogel tiny house in Austria, image via Ufogel

It should become as no surprise to any of our regulars that we are big fans of tiny house living. Living within a smaller than average space presents endless benefits to you and the world around you, but reducing building material use, energy consumption, urban sprawl, the list is endless. 

Small living spaces require some additional design thought so as to make the best use of every square inch you have at your disposal, and when successful, that house can have the feel of something much larger than it really is. There isn't a lot that needs to be said about the Ufogel house in Austria that the photos don't say, so tiny house lovers, enjoy. Images via Ufogel.

Ufogel tiny house in Austria

Ufogel tiny house in Austria

Ufogel tiny house

Ufogel Tiny House