Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions we recieve, if you don't find the answer you are looking for please contact us

How do I find LEED materials?
There are no LEED certified materials, only buildings can be certified. There are certain products that can help earn LEED points by having passed other certifications e.g:  FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood or  EnergyStar  windows.

When can I advertise?
Once  you have enrolled in the LEED program with the CaGBC, you can promote the home as  "Registered with LEED Canada for Homes". A project is not LEED certified until it has been issued final approval by the CaGBC.

Is it necessary to hire a LEED Accredited Professional ® (AP)?
Having a LEED AP on your team will earn you a point ( 1.3. in Innovation & Design) but it is not required for certification. A LEED AP for Homes has two main roles in the certification process: to act as project advisor during the design and construction phase, and be the link between evaluators and project managers during the certification process.

Where can homes be certified?
LEED Canada for Homes is accessible anywhere in Canada. There are LEED for homes providers across the country that will act as your agent during the certification process. Please see our providers list to find one in your region.

Can you certify a manufactured home?
A manufactured home cannot be declared LEED certified, for eligibility a project must go through all the stages of certification.

Can a  renovation project be certified?
Renovations are eligible, as long as it involves a renovation of the building envelope (wall system). Renovation projects that only involve a single part of a home like kitchens or bathrooms are not eligible.

I've already started construction, is it too late to register?

Ideally registration begins before construction and even design, but it may not be too late. A project that is late to register will not be eligible for certain points, so it can make certification a bit more difficult. As long as the walls have not been closed (meaning insulation is still visible), you can still register.

Can I certify a home addition?
Additions to existing homes are not eligible for registration.  Expansions that have their own street address may be considered, provided they form an independent property and residence.

Who can help me learn green building techniques?
The provider assigned to your project is not the person designated for this role. Their role is that of evaluator, not consultant or project manager. If you lack experience in green building, you can search for environmental consultants specializing in residential building. The Ecohome website has a free building guide that will offer information on sustainable building products and techniques, and we offer green building courses as well.

How do I know if a home is LEED certified?
All LEED certified homes are listed on the CaGBC website.

Are there any special mortgage or insurance rates for LEED homes?
Yes, some institutions offer discounts. Many banks are now offering special mortgage rates, and some home insurance companies offer discounts as well, since LEED homes are more durable than homes built simply to provincial building code. Certain municipalities will also offer financial incentives in the form of tax relief.

How long will it take to get certified?
The project of building a LEED certified home start at the design phase and ends with the completion of the project. Once a home is finished and all elements of the certification are verified, it will take approximately one month before final certification is issued.  Any points sought for landscaping  must be completed at the time of final inspection.