How to build passive solar homes - episode 1 of the Ecohome building guide

This is the first in a series of videos that will follow the construction of a demonstration house, outlining the steps to building high performance, energy efficient homes.





Welcome to the Ecohome video building guide. This series will give you a short overview of the different steps of home construction. For greater detail on any of these topics, see our building guide pages.

Here in the first episode, we begin with the basics of passive solar home design, orienting the future house on the site to take full advantage of the free heat available from the sun while keeping it cool with natural shading in the summer.

Through this series we hope you will come to see that upping our game in home construction is good for one and all. It will reduce carbon emissions, save money for homeowners and leave them with more durable and better performing homes.

Even builders will benefit, as money that is normally spent buying heat from utility companies can be greatly reduced when invested ahead of time in building a better house in the first place. 

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