Opportunities at Ecohome

We are looking for content contributors and other Ecohome team members

Ecohome has intern positions available for students in the following fields:

Computer programming: We are looking for help maintaining web services, and developing new services. Candidates should have experience with some of the following: Drupal CMS, PHP, Mysql, CSS, HTML, Javascript. Candidates would be required to work from their own office space. Candidates should be fluent in French.

Business management: Candidates would be required to conduct market research, determine client demographics, and help develop a business plan and set up business management infrastructure. Our office is in Chelsea, Quebec.

Writing /journalism: Research and content development in the area of sustainable construction techniques. This will include both technical documents, as well as news stories in the field of sustainable construction. Ideal candidates would be familiar with issues surrounding the environment, climate and / or home energy efficiency. Experience or interest in any of the following ways can be helpful: translation (French to English), writing, web research. Please visit the building guide and news stories on the Ecohome.net website to see the type of content we provide. Office in Chelsea Quebec.

Film / video: We are looking to create short web videos, no equipment is necessary, but candidates should have experience in both film and editing. This position is available in  Chelsea Quebec.

Become a content contributor:

We welcome contributors to both our news feed and the building guide.

News stories are welcome on innovative topics that relate to residential building. That can be technology, product reviews or features of building projects. Inspire our readers with what inspires you.

Building guide: Help us fill the gaps in whatever field you specialize in. The types of pages we would like to offer vary from brief general overviews of topics to complete technical guides. There is no time limit to this offer; our goal is to create a meeting place where Canadian homeowners and builders can find the right information from the right people, specific to the harsh and challenging climate in which we live.

What we have at present is an introduction to these topics; our hope is to find the right people to help us fill it out with more detailed pages. Among the services we plan to add over the next year will be a green building directory where product and service leaders in the industry can be found, as well as a discussion forum where contributors are welcome to field questions.

Our goal is at the same time to offer information to homeowners and builders, but also to promote ecologically responsible businesses. All content pages will include a bio about yourself or your company, and a link back to your site.