Insulated concrete forms for slab-on-grade construction
Insulated concrete forms for slab-on-grade construction © Iso-Slab

Ecohome has partnered with ISO-SLAB, a Canadian-Quebec based company, that provides an interesting pre-fab solution for slab-on-grade constructions. We are strong proponents of slab-on-grade construction for a number of reasons; namely affordability, durability, a reduced carbon footprint and better quality of life.

insulated slab on grade forms
© Iso-slab

Since you will need to insulate under your slab and the exterior of it anyway, using your insulation base as the actual form makes for great savings in labour, material and execution time.

There is no need to purchase wood and build forms, nor is there anything to disassemble afterwards. Excavation work and related costs are significantly reduced, as well as the environmental impact on the site. Due to the reduced waste and reduced environmental impact over standard basement foundations, the ISO-SLAB system can help you achieve 17 points towards LEED Certification. 

What we also like about this system is that it is made with EPS foam rather than XPS foam whose blowing agents have much higher greenhouse gas emissions. Based on insulation requirements, usage and structural load, ISO-SLAB kits are available in different thicknesses of foam with perimeter skirt insulation for frost protection.

Ecological criteria:

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Long life
  • Limits impact on the natural environment
  • Development in a less harmful environmental processes

Contact information:

47, de Braine
Blainville, Québec, Canada, J7B 1Z2
T : 514 946-1500 

Visit the Iso-Slab webpage